Arteregó, a regular PR agency. What we used to be. The „we” has existed for over 10 years now. But the world has changed, and so did we. Who knows which came first. After a while we just realised that we worked differently…

The Arteregó today

A cloud agency that deals with communication. A one-stop-shop, that is a dream factory for clients.

This new era’s mentality smoothens the border between living and working space in people’s mind. Our job can be done from anywhere, and we are happier to do it, if during the day we have the chance to relax and power up even if for just a little bit. We love freedom, and the fact that we can walk the dog without compunction. And if it’s not employees, rather grown-up and independent people working together, then they are driven by motivation coming from inside, not by a compelling power from outside. That represents a whole different energy. Those, who don’t see, why this is positive, are not meant to be for us to deal with. Not now.

A team is needed. There’s no question about it. Lifelong friendships, new acquaintances, great encounters from the past, the near past and from the present. The point is to always have a few people around, who are oaring towards a common direction, in the same boat with the client. How do we find each other? We are always at the right place at the right time. We believe, that there are no coincidences. Graphic designers, photographers, experts and consultants, a major advertising agency or an online guru, they are always around us. We listen to our guts and intuitions. We call for those, who are needed.

We love our job. For that, we needed to find the most sufficient form of operation, that keeps us going. Diversity reserves motion. We’ve learnt to adapt and serve. We know what we’re capable of, we don’t need to prove that to ourselves or anybody else anymore.

It is our pleasure to guide you on your path!