What do we do? It would be brave to borrow the police’s motto… So we would never say that we serve and protect. No!!! We don’t even joke about that!

However… That’s pretty much true for communicational tasks. Our service can be also looked at as ministration.

We believe in what we do.

We couldn’t do it without believing in the honesty and credibility of messages we communicate to the target audience. And what do we protect? The interest of our clients. We try to keep that in mind always, in all cases. We introduce new perspectives, concepts and values. We encourage development.

We constantly develop as well. Not only the projects give us knowledge, but we also look for chances to improve ourselves both personally and professionally. And those chances do come. They did their job.

We like to think as one. The real task is to have brainstorming sessions with the team over the creative process, and everyone puts in, what they do best. We believe in teamwork, but who we involve, depends on the task. Sometimes it requires only one of us. Sometimes all the three of us are needed. And other times a dozen of experts work together. Constant inspiration.

People used to say that our job was so simple, as we only need to make some calls and send some emails.

Oh yes. And Bridget Jones was just playing around with press releases, wasn’t she?

It wouldn’t be bad though… On the contrary, reality is very different. We create creative concepts. Build strategies. Organise events. Transact events. Gain media partners. Manage projects. Support graphic designs. Record campaign films. Design and create websites. Write content. We create and take care of web-2 communication platforms. We like to deal with social media. We promote and advertise. Write press releases. They get published. We track them. Write press reviews and evaluate. We create connections and keep in touch. We serve and protect. Or have we mentioned that already?

We believe in what we do, and that we are good at it. We are experts. Because we’ve learnt it. And we are happy if our clients acknowledge that! Fortunately, those, who are meant to be for us, always find us, and we work together until both parts feel good and are happy!

We’re ready to take the next challenges!