angol_kepek5This word was almost left out… It’s a very important virtue, and what we do, wouldn’t really work without patience.

The saying „good things come to those, who wait” is pretty annoying… And when we point out the importance of patience, we don’t say that we believe in this maxim’s credibility. Over the years we have simply come to the conclusion that it’s easier for us to let things happen the way they are supposed to happen. We try to shape their way, but we also patiently wait for them to be solved by themselves and coagulate nicely into something like a mosaic. We are patient, when we need to wait for the very last seal of approvement to kick off the awaited campaign, we are patient, when we work according to a three-year plan, and we have only reached half-year yet, we are patient, when the client sticks to something that we don’t really agree with, and we are patient, when we wait for one of the press releases created by us to appear somewhere.

Patience for us doesn’t mean to wait for something that we know will profit us in a way. Patience is needed to accept ourselves, each other, others and situations. It’s a win-win. We win our peace.

There is however something that we can’t wait for every year. That’s Christmas.