It’s good, when someone knows, what they want. A course line that leads us. A thread that can be adjusted, decorated further and continue. Obviously, it isn’t right to stick to our goals at all costs, this isn’t what we mean.

We like to be aware of the goal. We draw it up to reach it step by step. It’s not necessarily wrong to only see the next step ahead. During that we don’t think of how to reach the goal. We know we are capable of it, so it will happen. At the right time.

We can’t deny that we used to be the PR team of the leading esoteric book publisher of Hungary. When the head of the publisher, to whom we are grateful for all the ideas and lectures,  introduced us to one of the best-seller books with the mentioned mentality, all at once we said: that’s exactly what we do! We’ve always liked to practice conscious creation. We saw the results, and somehow we always managed to get there with knowledge, experiences, tactics and tricks. But always decently.

We are consciously sympathetic and nice towards others, because we understand that we all are humans, and the way of asking and saying thank you is very important. When it’s needed, we consciously decide to be nasty for our client’s and our own sake. We need to think, even when our conscience is led by our instincts, and it’s not rare.