I became apart of this by chance. I mean of the communication, marketing and PR field. Officially, I graduated as an economist, but I always knew that I would never practice this profession. It simply wasn’t for me. It might be my mother’s „fault” as she taught me to always tell, what I thought. And to be a strong, independent, educated, communicative and creative woman. I still aim to live that way. I’m progressing. Maybe that was what Judit and Orsi saw in me, when they made me apart of their team right after college. Many years have passed since then, and I’m grateful to them for teaching me The profession. We became partners.

As the years passed by, I knew I needed to develop further, I had the thirst for knowledge to get to know everything involved by this profession. I received my second degree in media graphics, so my ideas didn’t exist in my head only, but I was able to visualise them finally. Or at least I don’t need to instruct the graphic designer like that: „I send you a jpg, please change its colours, make it bigger and take off that dog of it”…

When I’m working, I love to keep myself busy, to come up with bright ideas and attend long creative meetings. On the contrary, in my personal life I like calmness. I live near the Danube, in a peaceful, quiet and inspiring environment, where I can be myself, come up with deep thoughts, and that’s where I feel home. With my husband, our dog, our house and our world. I’m grateful for that.

I believe that all deeds and communication of our clients are part of the PR. And communication is needed! We experience it every day that we can’t live without communication. One of our greatest goals is to make sure our clients represent great and creative concepts and the other one is to make sure everybody KNOWS that our clients represent great and creative concepts. That’s what we help with!

Szilvia Kovacsik-Ozorai –