A very important word. And in case of a communication agency its worth is multplied. Freedom as in holidays. Somehow we are the busiest before any vacation, as the project leader sorts everything out before leaving for a few days, so things will go well for sure, when they’re away.

What’s even more important, is that kind of freedom that we give ourselves by not setting strict working hours. Today clients and partners are able to come to us with questions or requests at any time of the day. Thanks to smartphones… By that our freedom gets a bit damaged, but to be honest it became part of our daily routine to take a look at our mailboxes every once in a while. These flexible working hours enable us to have important meetings or to build up and maintain relationships. In such cases the tasks that require us to sit in front of our laptops for hours will remain for the evening. Or the early morning. Or the weekend. But if we have things that have to be done, we do them. We solve it.

The greatest freedom however comes with the freedom of our thoughts. We reach the most effective state of working, when our thoughts can be free. This enables our crativity to come to surface. This is how the best concepts are being born. We like to come up with great ideas. And we like it, when they impress others. We are pleased to offer them, but also like to receive appreciation. An offer for example. Or a concept price. We know that similar ideas can come up in more people’s minds, and with a little bit of adjustment, it can look like somebody else’s concept. But to be honest we don’t like to see our ideas, when someone else gets the credit for it. Altough we know that we are able to create a hundred more great concepts with the help of our freedom. Our sense of justice starts working, but we are already face to face with our next challenge. The freedom of creativity is ours. The know-how is always in our hands.