Despite of our consciousness, we receive the greatest amount of help in our tasks from our intuitions.

We instinctively find projects – or they find us – that have been created for us, but sometimes we undertake tasks that don’t really work well with our mentality, and we unconsciously feel odd. The idea for the best solution, the catchiest message, or the involvement of the most effective experts come intuitively.

We know the advantages of cases, when an idea comes to our mind suddenly, and we didn’t have to think for days. We detect the fake, the false-hearted, the lie, and we are ready to fight against them with all our relevant means. Today we can let go of things that feel wrong according to our intuitions.

We believe that letting go of things will enable us meeting other challenges, opprortunities that couln’t be done any better than the way we do them. Live and let live – tell our intuitions.

What’s the best combination? Intuitiveness and consciousness. In our opinion.