In his book „Stop being nice, start being real” Thomas D’Ansembourg wrote that real meeting can only occure in the communication of two true people, when they both show what they’re really like, they don’t want to fulfil each other’s expectations and they don’t want to please each other. The main question according to him is, how to express ourselves in a way that we keep respect towards both the others and ourselves. Let’s love others! Dare to love yourself and love life as a whole! It is allegedly that simple…

They often refer to our job as pretence and lie. We decorate and wrap. Products that represent real values don’t need advertising. That’s not true. If we don’t tell the truth, consumers will detect that in a matter of time. In the long run it’s wrong not to be honest.

Those, who establish a relationship with us, sooner or later will experience that we honestly tell our oppinion. Because of that many have already unsealed the contract. So we encourage you all to be truly honest!!! It is much easier to be honest. For us at least. It’s the authentic way.