Now it’s easy to see what mattered and what didn’t in the past.

When I started working on the junior programme of the Hungarian National Radio as a 13 year-old girl, I didn’t think that all the values, the mentality, open-mindedness and love for work that I’ve learnt there will define my future career to such a great extent. This experience was probably what prevented me from practicing as a lawyer in an authoritarian hierarchy. I’ve tried, but I didn’t like it.

Then I came across a telecommunication company, as a client. Lot of money, ambitious plans, huge risks. Nervousness, stress, frustration. It hasn’t been simple. I looked for a way to develop my personality, and finally I was able to deal with the situation with the help of supervision. This enables work to be what it really is. Work. I will never forget, when a client’s startegic consultant mentioned at a meeting that he didn’t understand how he could possibly receive 50 emails from people in the room between 10 in the evening and 8 in the morning… And so didn’t I. That’s the way it was. I never want to be like that ever again. I wouldn’t say that there are no tempting projects…

Two years ago there was a situation. We felt like there is too much anxiety and the responsibility was too big. A new era has begun with new energy and operating models. Dynamic development became irrelevant in this matter. Real progressive organisations always transform. I love the fact that we are coequal, there are no job descriptions, because it depends on the moment, who gets which task that has to be done. This is how an e-business works.

We can make our clients’ brand and services make great according to the criteria of the operation of this world after the paradigm-shift.

Today I not only want to do our best for our clients as communication advisors, strategy builders and people in charge for implementation, but I also want to supervise others to find happiness and freedom in their work.

Orsolya Fónyad – fonyad.orsolya@arterego.hu