I am Krampusz, and I am a Puli Snauzer mix. I am bomb of happiness, I know that! My family confirms that every day. Two people serve me on a daily basis. They try to teach me, show me the right way, but I’m that real Puli type, and don’t let people tell me, what to do. If I do something wrong, I lie low or look very adorable. That always works. But please don’t think I am not a grateful dog. I will never ever forget that, when I was adopted into this family I was able to swap a windowless dark room for a huge lovely garden. Oh and the livingroom, the new leather couch and the soft carpet. That’s just the way it is, right? They gave me the name Krampusz, and I just act like one.

I can also behave myself, when needed. For example, when this photo was made, my owner was very very proud, how well-mannered I was. Like I couldn’t sit down before. Or stay at one spot. I can do all that, but I don’t like it. What’s the point? The world is just one paw away to be explored. And I am brave. I swim in the Danube, run over sand islands or chase ships, when they sail over my territory. Because the Danube is mine, in case you didn’t know that.

I love my owners. I love them very much. I know, when they need me to jump in their lap, to release them later with more energy to work. Sometimes I even stand in front of the laptop to check if everything’s right, but I often fall asleep at the end. That’s not a problem though, I deliver energy during that as well. Because an I have infinite amount of energy. And I like to share that with them.