I was born a real problem-solver, I believe. I’ve learnt it from my mother, and I’m proud of that. Of course I can be nervous about things, but I prefer neat organising. You have an editor’s mind – I was told once, and it was true for a while, as I worked as one. I socialised at the Hungarian Public Radio, I gained extensive knowledge and I still can use those experiences. A great change has come, when I moved to the Public Television, where I’ve learnt professionalism, firmness, accuracy and precision from the best ones. I can call myself lucky, because change and new challenges have always knocked on my door, when it was needed. As a student I also had the chance to guide tourists, translate television series and write or edit manuscripts of books. Later on, 10 years ago together with Orsi we decided to create our own company, although at that point we weren’t aware of what we’ve undertaken.

It’s easy for you, you have your own company – they say. Oh yes. I love the freedom and peace that comes with it and the fact that I know that decisions are in my hands as well, on the other hand it’s a huge responsibility. Working for getting projects, keep clients, do our job well, collect payments and then use them well – not easy. And if a few years ago we said it was difficult, then now it’s even more difficult. But we can handle it!

Sometimes I think of, where I would possibly be now, if I would have accepted the offer of a great event organiser company 10 years ago, but I know that I’m on the right path. We are on the right path. The initial concept of Arteregó was to smoothly carry out press related tasks with the most possible releases, but we realised that we are capable of a lot more. And the way the world has changed around us, there’s no other way than doing a lot more. So with a huge PR experience I went back to school to acquire the necessary knowledge and degree to be an online marketing advisor. Like that I perfectly understand the complexity that involves products, events, cases and clients’ reputation. I listened to my guts, when I chose this life, and I like to practice that also when working on campaign concepts. This works the best with me: guts, intuitions but hundred percent consciousness and accuracy. And I expect the same in return from who I work with. Sometimes I don’t envy them to be honest. Love and pay attention – these are also very important towards both collegues and clients.

Finding happiness in what I do or beauty and goodness in projects, is what I never want to give up on.

Judit Freund – freund.judit@arterego.hu