In harmony… with our clients, tasks, goals, each other and most importantly with ourselves. That’s the ideal way of working.

Does this ideal state exist at all? There are moments, when it does, and we have experienced that many times. We love it, when it occurs, but we don’t back out in cases, when some points are missing either. Because we can handle it. Harmony means congruence, peace among things existing next to each other, tranquility, body and soul balance, equality among people and towards the world and an even-tempered state. It serves as a basis that is ideal to build on.

That perhaps is the most difficult goal to reach. If we aren’t in harmony with ourselves, then it is much harder to be open to the world. Then it is automatically harder to accept others and to identify our goals, while we are less excited about our tasks. Good news that members of our team have been on the path of getting to know themselves for a long time now, and so the basis is given.

And we can build. Together with clients, the team and everybody, who becomes part of our lives, when we face new challenges. And actually, at the end of most projects it feels very sad to leave the „families” we became apart of.

We find it very important to feel the presence of harmony and well connecting points not only between us and the client, but also between the the client’s aim and the task given. If unrealistic aims and concepts are forced in a project that don’t go well with the given mentality, then most probably it will end with a failure, or it simply won’t be remarkable. After all, a leopard can’t change its spots. Do we tell, when we see it happening? Of course. Here comes the importance of honesty.